Monday, 28 November 2011

Making and Using a Reusable Big Book

Today, My friend taught me how to making and using a reusable big book. It was fun and interesting, so I want to share out this great idea.

First step:

Collect some suitable artwork for your topic-In this case “Family”.

Second step: 
 Print your pictures a4 size, in colour. 

Third step: 
Print your story in short sentences, and make the print LARGE.
Orient the page LANDSCAPE.

Forth step: 
Paste your first picture to a coloured A3 size card.
Paste your first sentence under the picture.

Fifth step: 
Continue until your story is complete.
And insert your pages into an a3 size art display folder with clear plastic sleeves.

Sixth step: 
Next class,Show and tell the big book story.
The children will be happy because:
It contains the pictures they coloured
And its theme is relevant to the topic they are studying at present.

At Last:
When your story has been displayed etc and its “dead”. Take out the card, remove the pictures and story text, and insert the next story.

Enjoy yourself
Have a nice day!!!!!!

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