Wednesday, 30 November 2011

How to Fold Nellie Edge Little Books

Fold-A-book Instructions:

Here is the example of little book made by my pupils. 
I asked the pupils to fill in the missing letter, paste and colour the pictures.
The book can be used to learn vocabulary.

Monday, 28 November 2011

ABC song

I bought a set of ABC cute magnets at DIY shop. I think I can use to teach ABC for year one students and sing ABC songs.(ABC song from youtube)
They will love it!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulation !!!

Pupils who scored 7As!
Pupils who scored 6As!
 Congratulation to my school standard six's pupils.

 You all are so great..keep up the hard work..

Making and Using a Reusable Big Book

Today, My friend taught me how to making and using a reusable big book. It was fun and interesting, so I want to share out this great idea.

First step:

Collect some suitable artwork for your topic-In this case “Family”.

Second step: 
 Print your pictures a4 size, in colour. 

Third step: 
Print your story in short sentences, and make the print LARGE.
Orient the page LANDSCAPE.

Forth step: 
Paste your first picture to a coloured A3 size card.
Paste your first sentence under the picture.

Fifth step: 
Continue until your story is complete.
And insert your pages into an a3 size art display folder with clear plastic sleeves.

Sixth step: 
Next class,Show and tell the big book story.
The children will be happy because:
It contains the pictures they coloured
And its theme is relevant to the topic they are studying at present.

At Last:
When your story has been displayed etc and its “dead”. Take out the card, remove the pictures and story text, and insert the next story.

Enjoy yourself
Have a nice day!!!!!!

Hiyori Tamura - Lucky Star